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Krishi Bhawan, 1379 Bhawani Peth, Pune - 411042, INDIA
Phone: +91 020 6357991 / 92
FAX: +91 020 6332121
The Company is able to provide best warehousing services with the availability of various need based and required amenities. The transport vehicles, bus service, wells for water supply, weigh bridge, security, telex\fax and telephone service etc. facilities are already available. In order to improve and offer better service always and to gain highest customer satisfaction. The Company is continuously providing new and modern facilities.

The godowns are built in two types :

  1. Godowns built as per customer specification
  2. Godowns constructed per normal designs
The Company has built godowns for Lipton which are pet specifications and designs approved by them. The built up area of about 1,00,000 sq. ft. is covered in this type. The rate charged is separate & is at substantially higher rate than normal godowns. The area under these godowns is fully air-conditioned with modern amenities. The normal godown covers minimum height of 12' & maximum height of about 16.5" & higher. The structure is RCC with steel framed trussed roof with asbestos sheet roofing. The inner wall are plastered, tiling is with Shahabad Stones and rolling shutters are also provided.

The construction of warehouses is good (classified as first class) and as per standard required for the good warehouse. It is pertinent to note here that moderm plant of Tea packing of M/S. Lipton (India) Exports Ltd. is located in the Premises of the Company indicating reliance of large reputed clients with high standard of services.

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