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Krishi Bhawan, 1379 Bhawani Peth, Pune - 411042, INDIA
Phone: +91 020 6357991 / 92
FAX: +91 020 6332121
M/S. NUTAN WAREHOUSING COMPANY PVT. LTD, was established on 7th July, 1972, with the main objective to carry on the business of warehousing and storage of various Agricultural and Industrial produce material including Fertilizers, Pesticides, insecticides. Quality Seeds, Food products. Agricultural and Horticultural Equipments, Tools and Machinery, Agricultural and Horticultural Products, Cement, Chemicals, Glass, Container goods. Rubber and Plastic Goods and Engineering goods etc.

In 1972, the Company started construction of godowns and completed the first godown construction of 10.000 sq. ft. in July. 1974. Since then the Company has continously made the progress into construction and at present it has got godowns at Phursungi and Dhankawadi, near Pune City admeasuring about 2,40,000 sq. ft. including work in progress.

In a period of last 25 years, the Company has established it's name in Pune district and today it is one of the biggest Warehousing Company in the private sector and Public Sector.

The Company is able to provide best warehousing services with the availability of various need based and required amenities. The Transport vehicles, bus service, wells for water supply, weigh bridge, security, telex\fax and telephone service etc. facilities are already available. In order to improve & offer better service always and to gain highest customer satisfaction. the Company is continuously providing new and modern facilities.

The Company is continuously getting enquiries for additional warehousing requirements. To meet these requirements the Company has undertaken feasibility study and concluded that tile Company should expand it's activities by way of providing additional warehousing facilities & amenities in ensuing period. The prospects for the unit are quite encouraging with growing need of warehousing for Agricultural and Industrial products. It is pertinent to note here that Company has secured International award for beat Warehousing Services in an auspicious function at MADRID (SPAIN) on 10th Dec. 1989, This is recognition for best services and working provided by the Company.

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