Nutan Warehousing Company Pvt. Ltd.
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Krishi Bhawan, 1379 Bhawani Peth, Pune - 411042, INDIA
Phone: +91 020 6357991 / 92
FAX: +91 020 6332121
The overall control of the unit is exercised by a broad spectrum of experienced professionals. The ultimate control is with the Board of Directors. Experienced Managers are there to head Marketing, Administration and Accounts and Finance departments.

The Company is well managed by it's directors. The board consists of 2 directors viz, Mr. B.L. Navalakha and Mr. G.L. Navalakha. The main working is done by Mr. G.L. Navalakha who has completed MBA from USA. He has over 30 years business experience and also got good social image with heading many social activities. The directors are creditworthy and resourceful. There means are good and reputation is very high. The details of individual assets and liabilities of both the directors are enclosed separately.

Mr. G. L. Navalakha, the Managing Director has good control on the working of the Company. The management has experience exceeding 30 years in the business / line of activity. To strengthen the qualified staff is recruited and also help & support from technocrats and professionals is taken per requirements of the Company. Mr. Koshe is Chief Executive and under him also many qualified employees are available.

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