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Krishi Bhawan, 1379 Bhawani Peth, Pune - 411042, INDIA
Phone: +91 020 6357991 / 92
FAX: +91 020 6332121
The existing godowns (warehouses) of the Company are in Pune District at two places viz. Phursungi and Dhankwadi. Both these locations are close to Pune City and they are nearby to industrial areas. The distance of Phursungi and Dhankwadi is 12 Kms and 7 kms respectively. Besides, nearness to the industrial area the locations arc very close to the agricultural belts making it is very ideal for warehousing purpose. The land available at Phursungi and Dhanakwadi is admeasuring about 7 acres and 1.75 acres respectively.

The locations are very ideal since they are out of octroi - limits and are very close to Pune which is major city of our country. It is connected by rail, road and air with all over the country.

The office of the company is opened at * Krishi Bhavan", 1379 Bhavani Peth, Pune - 2, with all amenities available. Thus with good location, the Company is able to get all location advantage. Phursungi Area is declared as a Industrial area and as such it has importance with this aspect also.


Electricity (Power):- Since the Company is not mainly in production (manufacturing), it does not require power except for normal consumption of lighting and fans etc. The required electricity is made available from Maharashtra State Electricity Board. The Transformer of 250 KVA is installed at Phursungi. The power connections of 230 HP have been taken at Phursungi and 10 HP at Dhankwadi. Power supply for premises of Lipton Ltd. is also there.

Water:- Water is required for cleaning, construction and personal consumption. Three wells are available for supply of required water is at Phursungi. One well is at Dhankwadi. The wells have adequate water to meet with the total requirements.

Communication:- The telephone connections are available at all the three places. An extension instrument is proposed to be provided to each occupant per requirement of the occupant.

Transportation:- Two Trucks, One Tractor, One Jeep and Matador etc. are available for transportation of goods. For conveyance one Motor Cycle and Three Mopeds are provided. The Bus service is also available for occupants. The group units are also there in transport activities.

Warehousing is a basic need of today's society. It increases trade and commerce and thus improves the working. It helps in increasing the standard of living and also meets with the requirements of time. The modern warehousing has further demand since it caters to the requirements as per needs of the customers and overall cost is reduced substantially.

Advantages to M/S. Nutan Warehousing Pvt. Ltd. in particular: -

  1. The warehouses of the Company being outside Octroi limits, die Customers arc benefited since octroi is not to be paid unless material delivered to Pune where Octroi is applicable.
  2. The Company has provided transportation, which is giving excellent convenience to the customers for assured & quick deliveries. The services of associate concerns engaged in transport facilities with modern amenities an available.
  3. The Company is in the line of activity since last 28 years & hence has gained with good supportive organization having excellent efficiency with availability of experts ii warehousing arrangements & material handling.
  4. The warehouses of the Company are situated near border to Pune city & thus all amenities of city are available easily.
  5. The various amenities such as Telephone, Telex, Fax, Drinking Water, Water for other purposes, twenty four hour security arrangement, availability of all types of loading & unloading services & equipments, availability of required manpower for working & control of godowns, easy transport of men & materials with Bus service including own bus service, truck availability facility etc.

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